Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Avene || Its like rain, but better!

So, we got sent Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray by Rubybox to test and tell, and boy! we are impressed with this product.

Now forget stressing about irritated skin, rash and the after shaving math. This easy to use product is a must have. I was working on an event onsite for just over a week, and I already knew that my skin is going to go south and I would have to stress about fixing once my event was over.  I hate looking drab even if i'm not wearing any make-up i still strive for a good skin glow, and I honestly hate wearing my exhaustion on my face.

Each night after working, I'd get to the hotel, take a shower and spray this awesome rain in a tin on my face, as per the instructions, leave it on for a few minutes and pat my face dry, then I get this soothing feeling, literally feel my skin breath. I also tried the product after shaving, because, well, my skin hates razors and shaving creams. I would just spray a little after shaving, follow the same instructions and forget I shaves, how cool!?


Did you know that the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray also works as a making up setting spray?

Visit Rubybox to view more reviews.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Summer Sixteen Looks for all Occasions

Beautiful People,

Were naturally Summer babies and nothing brings us more sadness than the fact that its about to come to an end. Before we say goodbye to summer we would love to share some our favorite looks with you.

Together for the summer in the beautiful city of Durban NN Style Cartel was in the mood to Slay and that we did as we came, we slayed and we conquered. Now since we now stay in separate locations we make sure to make the most of our time together putting together and trying out new looks we paint the town red. The concept of this piece is to simply showcase looks that one can put together for any time of the day weather its a beautiful day on the beach or fun filed night out on the town we’ve got just the outfits for you and what we love about them the most is the effortless simplicity which makes it easier to assemble and get moving. We’ve split our looks into 3 categories, Beach Bum’s, Street Chic and Night Out, now naturally when we go out shopping we don’t have a preferred shop or look at the price tag because once we see it and fall involve we BUY IT! so we definitely encourage you buy what you love were here to guide you of course.  

Beach Bum’s!!!

We’re such water babies so with out a doubt our first look has to be beach wear. When going to the beach we love wearing light & cooling colors, sheer clothing and iti biti bikinis…

Mehlo’s look was inspired by the white sandy beaches of Cape Town with her White Shirt Dress and her sexy black bikini with a sexy touch of pink.

Fufu opted for a eastern inspired Kaftan dress with gold detail and a tropical jungle green bikini form Jay Jays.

Street Chic

Theres nothing more comfortable tan being comfortable than being comfortable...hahahaha yes we know and we mean just that. A simple effortless but stylish look is what we mean  and we have just the items for you the basics, Jeans and a comfortable top. Check out what we wore.

Fufu: For cold summer days she paired the following to achieve her look.

  1. Puma hoodie available at selected Total Sports shops, 
  2. Knee cut out Denims form Mr Price(we love the color)
  3. Silver Twist chain form Foshini for the bling effect
  4. Silver sandals from Kelso Edgars to complement the chain
Mehlo: Mehlo took it back to the basics with following items

  1. Forest Green body hugging Tshirt by Rural Love Classics, 
  2. Boyfriend Jeans from Mr Price
  3. Forest Green Blockheel from Mr Price




Night Out 

For those fun nights out we have just the ideas for you, and the best part about these looks is that they are so versatile you can dress them up or down by simple changing the accessories and shoes.

Fufu's: Sexy number for Future Husband out there...

  1. Sweater creme turtle neck sweater( which is actually a top not a dress but you can pair it with sky blue denims) From Legit
  2. Black lace up pom pom stilettos from Legit 
  3. Traditional cotton neck piece from a boutique in Sandton 
  4. Specs form Mr Price 
Mehlo: Classy look by Mehlo 

  1. Sleeveless beige trench form Foshini, 
  2. Stilettos from Rage 
  3. Neck Piece form Edgars
  4. Specs from Mr Price







Photography by: LVMS X Media
Instagram: @LVMS_X

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Finally, a shoot together.
It’s been a minute, after all the changes that happened in 2014, we unwillingly neglected our baby “NN Style Carte”, but we have made adjustments and have plans to make this work.

Here is our first come back shoot, NUDES X BOYFRIEND JEANS, a simply styled shoot, with everyday clothing and the timeless denim pieces.  You’ll see how laid back the styles are, with quirky hair styles and bold accessories.

Fufu’s Look:
-          Boyfriend Jeans – Mr Price
-          Nude Blouse – Mr Price
-          Nude Stiletto  - Sissy Boy @Foschini

Thandazo’s Look:
-          Boyfriend Jeans – Foschini
-          Duster – Foschini
-          Metalic Loafer – Brands online